About Us PerfectFit Technologies, Inc.

Perfect Fit Technologies, Inc. was established in 2011 as a company focused on creating easy to apply screen protection. Over the last couple of years, PerfectFit has grown into a cutting edge organization focused on serving the needs of iPhone and Android users worldwide. PerfectFit is the first company to bring translucent colorful tempered glass "GlassShield" to the mainstream market.

With headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina, PerfectFit fills the need for screen protection that is easy to install and long lasting. Our main goal is to alleviate all the stress that goes with trying to align a smart device screen protector. Our motto is “A PerfectFit for Life!” and we look forward to outfitting each and every smartphone user with screen protection that's a perfect fit!

PerfectFit is an industry leader in tempered glass technology. PerfectFit is the first company to launch tempered glass "GlassShield"  with a PerfectFit application system. Another first is our translucent colorful glass technology to give the device user the ultimate in customization of their devices. The translucent technology provides a unique customization experience while giving the user the best device protection available in the market. With our GlassShield line, which includes custom color technology, privacy and anti-glare glass and always the newest technology, we are always leading the way with the next new idea!

As PerfectFit looks to the future the company continues to look for new and innovative products and ways to apply screen protection and to protect smart devices. We’re always coming up with something new so keep checking back on our blog and products page to see what we’re up too.