Hands On with Apple iOS 7 Beta 3 - Part 2

Just two weeks after iOS 7 beta 2 arrived with iPad support, Apple has released iOS 7 beta 3 to registered developers.

Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 on June 10 and offered its first beta to developers the same day. For now, the release cycle appears to be every two weeks for a new beta — which is faster and more consistent than iOS betas in the past.

The release notes for iOS 7 beta 3 don't mention any significant changes or feature additions — mostly bug fixes and performance enhancements. Still, early reports indicate some UI tweaks, especially when it comes to fonts and icons within apps.

iOS 7 Hands On Part 2

iOS 7 Notifications and Weather

Pulling down from the top still brings up notifications, only now without linen and with a history. The weather app is beautiful and animated.

iOS 7 Reminders

Reminders is now more robust in its appearance. There are different groups of reminders, not just lists. The new reminder screen also has a refined look. It still has texture, but the lines are less bold.

iOS 7 Compass

The compass looks totally new and totally great.

iOS 7 Switching Apps

Double tapping home brings up full screen previews of various apps. Scroll back and forth and see previews of your apps in real-time. Some might say this is copying Window Phone, but really, this look was pioneered by Palm with the late, great, webOS.

iOS 7 Dialer and Messages

The dialer and the iMessage interface follow the new trends of being bright and with lots of color.

iOS 7 Notifications

Notifications pop-up in dark now, not white.

iOS 7 Calendar

The calendar is de-leathered and has a very Google+ look.

iOS 7 Calendar Inbox

The calendar gets a proper inbox for incoming invitations.

iOS 7 Maps

Apple Maps has toned down some of its textures but the basic app looks very similar.

iOS 7 Directions

The directions page in Maps has been rebuilt and it looks much more sleek.

iOS 7 Calculator and Clock

The calculator still pays homage to the great HP calculators of the 70s, but with fewer bevels. As for the clock, gone is that patent-infringing world clock look.

iOS 7 Alarms and Stopwatch

Check out the 3D effect when picking a time.

iOS 7 Timer and Settings

The timer is totally new too. This is what one of the standard settings pages looks like.

iOS 7 Safari

The bookmarks section for Safari is texture free but full of color. The search and URL omnibox makes a glorious return (it was separated with iOS 3 back in 2009). The whole look of this browser would look equally at home at Mountain View as it does in Cupertino.

iOS 7 Searching and Loading a Page

Typing in a URL or string of text offers up real-time suggestions for an address or search query. The thin bar at the top of the screen indicates page load progress.

iOS 7 Tabs

It's like Cover Flow, but vertical!

iOS 7 FaceTime Audio

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