Hands On with Apple iOS 7 Beta 3 - Part 1

Just two weeks after iOS 7 beta 2 arrived with iPad support, Apple has released iOS 7 beta 3 to registered developers.

Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 on June 10 and offered its first beta to developers the same day. For now, the release cycle appears to be every two weeks for a new beta — which is faster and more consistent than iOS betas in the past.

The release notes for iOS 7 beta 3 don't mention any significant changes or feature additions — mostly bug fixes and performance enhancements. Still, early reports indicate some UI tweaks, especially when it comes to fonts and icons within apps.

iOS 7 Hands On Part 1

Starting Up iOS 7

From the moment iOS 7 loads, its clear this is different. The linen that infused iOS 5 and iOS 6 is gone, replaced with white and thin sans serif typography.

A Splash of Color

While white is a predominant theme in iOS 7, this is not a monochrome OS. Color accents are almost always visible.

The New iOS 7 Home Screen

For the first time since the original iPhone, the overall look and icon structure of iOS is now new and fresh. The wallpaper can now be dynamic or static. Dynamic wallpaper is similar to the animated wallpaper in Android, except it doesn't interact with your finger. The default wallpaper is static. Also see: Apple iOS 7 Parallax View - 3D Effect

A Cleaner iOS 7 Inbox

Mail has received a full revamp to both its main view and the compose screen.

New iOS 7 Integrated Services

Flickr and Vimeo join Facebook and Twitter as built-in services.

Folders and iOS 7 Control Center

Swiping up from the bottom brings up the Control Center. This is an easy way to access your most used settings, including WiFi, audio, brightness and quick access to alarm, a calculator, camera and flashlight. Meanwhile, photos can now store more items and span pages.

iOS 7 Camera Options

The new camera interface has a number of options built-in. Swiping across the bottom brings up options for the standard camera or the video camera.

Instagram Friendly

There is a new square mode on the camera, perfect for Instagram. The panorama mode is still here too.

Houston We Have iOS 7 Filters

Apple also has its own filters built-into iOS 7. Rather than simply applying a filter in post, these filters are actually real-time and you can look through the viewfinder in that filter before taking a shot.

iOS 7 Stocks and Notes

The Stocks app looks totally fresh. Notes also has a new coat of paint. The texture is still there but the yellow lined paper and Marker Felt are a thing of the past.

iOS 7 iTunes and Wish Lists

iTunes and the App Store both have new designs. Additionally, Apple has introduced a new Wish List feature on mobile, making it easy for users to save an app to buy later.

iOS 7 App Store

The App Store structure is still the same but the look is more fresh. In addition to the general charts, users can also check to see what apps are popular in their area.

Sharing Or Adding to a iOS 7 Wishlist

A new share button shows off what you can do with an app which includes AirDrop and adding it to a wishlist.

iOS 7 Passbook and News Stand

Both look fresh.

iOS 7 Lock Screen

The Lock screen no longer has anything to slide to unlock, just swipe to the right. You can choose to make Control Center available at the lock screen or not.

(Source via mashable.com)

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