Samsung Galaxy S4 IV Pre-orders up 446% Higher than Galaxy S3 III

It would appear that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be a very popular handset for Samsung, if details released by one UK mobile retailer are anything to go on.
According Carphone Warehouse, a big UK mobile distributor, says that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is pre-selling at more than four times (+446%) the rate of its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. Which was already a best-ever launch for Carphone.

“The record breaking launch of the Galaxy SIII last year was always going to be a tough one to beat,” said Carphone Warehouse COO Graham Stapleton. “But Samsung have pulled out all the stops with a dazzling new device that’s sure to inspire many people to make the switch to Android from other operating systems.”

The phones aren’t schedule be available until April 26, and pricing is not even known yet. Even so, with pre-orders at 446 percent of S III levels, it looks like Samsung has impressed enough of the Android faithful to deliver another best-seller.

The SII sold 10 million units in its first two months and 30 million in five months, so beating those numbers will not be easy. But Samsung did ship 57 million smartphones in Q3 last year as part of over 400 million phones shipped in all of 2012, so anything seems to be possible.

The question will be: Can Samsung top Apple’s iPhone 5, which was the top-selling phone in the last quarter of 2012?

Perhaps …

“We’re anticipating a massive amount of customer interest in this handset and are expecting our stores to be busier than at the height of the Christmas period,” Stapleton said. “We are planning to extend opening hours at our larger sites to cope with the increased demand.”

None of which changes my contention that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will mark the beginning of the end of Samsung’s smartphone dominance.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 (S IV)

Have your pre-ordered the Galaxy S IV or do you have any plans to buy it?

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