4 Reasons why a screen protector is necessary for your iPhone & iPad

We strongly believe screen protector screen shields that offer additional layers of protection are vital to preserving the life of all your electronic devices including your iPhone 4/4s/5, iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Mini. 

Here are four of the many reasons why we think you absolutely need to purchase a screen protectors for all your Apple devices:

1. Preserves Resale Value

Many people sell their older model smart devices when new devices are introduced to the market.  We recently saw this happen when the iPhone 5 was launched by Apple.  People were desperately trying to sell their older model iPhone’s so that they had extra money to put towards the shiny, new iPhone 5.  When it comes to resale value, people who had iPhone’s with little or no scratches on their screens were able to sell their devices for substantially more. Purchasing a screen protector aids in preserving the resale value of your device. 


2. Avoid Scratches


Where do you carry your smartphone when you’re away from home? Do you throw it into your purse or pocket?  If so, do you make sure to keep that area free of spare change, keys or other items that can scratch the screen of your device? It’s not always possible to ensure your smartphone is transported in such a way that it avoids contact with all sharp objects.  You can easily avoid this issue by purchasing a screen protector for all your smart devices. It’s also a good idea to designate a pocket for your smart device.

3. Fingerprints


In this day and age, almost all smartphones come with innovative touch screen features.  This means you are constantly touching the screen of your device which can leave oily fingerprint smudges.  It’s not always easy to wash these off and you also run the risk of having water near your device which can be a scary thought.  Having a screen protector on your device will ensure you keep those pesky smudges away.

4. Removes glare from light


We all know smartphones are mobile.  This means we can use our smartphone while on the bus, in the park and just about anywhere. One of the biggest reasons why people purchase smartphone screen protectors is to remove the glare from the light when using their device in sunlight and other sources of bright light.  Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, we offer a wide selection of anti-glare screen shields that reduce glare from all types of light while preserving the the value of your smartphone.

Perfect Fit Screen Shields with Perfect Fit Applicator

Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, we feel it’s absolutely necessary to purchase a screen protector for your smartphone.  It helps preserve resale value, avoid scratches and fingerprints and removes glare from light. Do you have any other reasons to share? Please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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