Ultra Clear vs. Anti-Glare Screen Protector Screen Shield

Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, we offer our customers two types of screen protectors to protect all of their smart devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini: Ultra Clear and Anti-Glare.  How do you decide which type of screen protector is right for you?  Here’s a brief description of each type of screen protector which will help make your decision easier:

Example: Ultra Clear on the left vs. Anti-Glare on the right 

Perfect Fit HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector Screen Shield

Ultra Clear Screen Shield are often described as "glass like". Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, we only use the highest quality ultra thin polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material in our screen shields which sets us apart from the competition.   Additionally, many of our customers who prefer clear screen protectors claim colors on their smart devices appear brighter and sharper.  On the other hand, customers who prefer anti-glare screen shields claim that clear screen shields are reflective and only make fingerprint smudges less obvious.Again, it’s based on personal preference.


Main Ultra Clear Features:

  • Glass Like Smooth Finish - No Friction
  • Transparent With No Clarity Loss
  • Scratch Resistance Coating
  • Does not leave sticky residue 
  • Perfect for: scratch protection with no loss in look & feel of the device screen.

Perfect Fit AG Anti-Glare Screen Protector Screen Shield

Our Perfect Fit Anti-Glare Screen Shields offer glare reduction from light and eliminates fingerprints and smudges. Often preferred by outdoor users or users in an environment with a lot of bright lights. Ideal for using while outside in the sun or indoors with bright overhead lighting - Anti-glare will keep your device screen from blinding you with light reflections. Like the Ultra Clear Screen Shield, we only use the highest quality ultra thin PET material in our Anti-Glare Screen Shield. The only drawback is that colors on your smart device may not appear as sharp as the Ultra Clear film does. 

Main Anti-Glare Features:

  • Anti-Glare
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • Scratch Resistance Coating
  • Does not leave sticky residue 
  • Perfect for: use such as outdoor reading. Also perfect for touch screen devices due to the anti-glare/fingerprint coating.

Now that we’ve gone over the differences, here are some similarities between both types of screen protectors:

Scratch Resistant Screen Protector Screen Shield

Both types of screen protectors have a unique scratch resistant coating that helps keep your smart device safe from everyday wear and tear including scratches and nicks.

No Getting Your Phone Wet or Messy Residue

Both the Anti-Glare and Ultra Clear Screen Shield use a special silicone adhesive coating that doesn’t leave any messy residue when removed.  You don’t need to use any water when applying both screen shields as well.

Lifetime Warranty

Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, both types of smart shields come with a lifetime warranty.  Please see our FAQ Section for more information.

Which type of screen protector is right for you? Do you prefer an ultra-clear screen shield or an anti-glare screen shield? It all comes down to personal preferences.  Clear screen shields can make colors appear crisper and sharper on your smart device while anti-glare screen shields help reduce glare from light and fingerprint smudges. Both types are scratch resistant, don’t require water, don’t leave a sticky residue and have a lifetime warranty.


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