How to Unlock the Unfiltered Facebook News Feed


Facebook filters the news feed so you only see the 15% or so of stories it thinks you’ll find most interesting. But a newly discovered “All” link shows you almost everything posted by your friends and Pages you Like, Twitter style.


This link is an old link that allows you to access your news feed operating on an earlier version of our ranking algorithm.

First spotted by Tom Waddington, the All feed could make sure Facebook addicts never miss a photo or funny status update, and get marketers more eye balls. However, Facebook stresses that “This feed does not show all posts”, and since it’s an “old link”, there’s a good chance it could get shut down soon.

Years ago, Facebook offered a real-time stream you could toggle to from the home page called “Most Recent”. Based on Facebook’s statement, that might be what this link brings up. But since it didn’t deliver as compelling stories to the average user, Facebook ditched it in favor of a heavily filtered feed. That’s great for making sure you see the most Liked updates by friends since you last logged on. However, it can show the same updates over and over again to people who visit Facebook all the time.

Though it doesn’t automatically refresh with updates, it will show you a reverse chronological stream of almost every news feed post by friends and Pages starting with a few seconds ago. Judging by my initial scans of the All feed, you’ll also see plenty of wall posts, new friendships, Page Likes by friends, Event RSVPs, “Trending Articles” boxes, and more.

You’ll see some stories from apps, like a friend Liking photos on Instagram, or two friends listening to the same artist on Spotify. However, the All feed won’t show you every song every friend listens to, and you won’t see every time a friend Likes or comments on someone’s status. Otherwise it’d be so cluttered that real posts to the feed would get drowned out.

Facebook Unfiltered already has a Fan page: Faceb00k Unfiltered

[via techcrunch]

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