New iPad Mini and iPad 2, 3, 4 Screen Protector with Perfect Fit Applicator

Apple recently introduced two brand new iPad’s to the world: the iPad 4th Generation and the highly anticipated iPad mini. The iPad 4th gen comes fully equipped with beautiful touchscreen Retina displays that offer users extremely vivid colors and the sharpest text.

If you’re thinking or purchasing one of these brand new devices, or own a previous generation iPad, we know you’re interested in keeping your prized iPad free from scratches and every day wear and tear. This post is for those of you that are thinking of purchasing the new iPad or iPad Mini screen protector as well as those of you that have had issues trying to apply one.

Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, we know how tough it can be to apply a screen protector on your iPad. We’ve designed our Perfect Fit Screen Shields with Perfect Fit Applicator to be hassle free. Here’s how:

How to install an iPad Screen Protector Screen Shield

1) You don’t need to use any water when applying our screen shields. There are many iPad screen protectors on the market that require you to add small amounts of water to your iPad’s screen when applying them. Water damage is always a concern so we’ve taken water out of the equation. You don’t need one drop when applying our screen shields to your iPad.

2) Our screen shields are the perfect fit. We’ve carefully designed our screen shields to be the perfect fit for you iPad. They cover the maximum amount of screen surface so your iPad is completely protected. There’s no need to find those pesky scissors either.

3) There’s no need to worry about bubbles when you use our screen shields. Our screen shields come with the Perfect Fit Applicator so there’s no need to worry about getting bubbles, dirt, debris, or smudges underneath your screen shield. If you do happen to see a few bubbles on your screen, they can be easily removed with a smooth card or your thumb. They will naturally dissipate within 48 hours as well.

4) Our screen shields don’t move an inch. Some of our competitor’s screen protectors tend to migrate across the display of your iPad due to static electricity or lack of friction. Our iPad screen shields were specially designed to not move an inch once applied.

5) No sticky residue. We hate sticky residue, especially on your iPad’s screen. If you decide to remove your Perfect Fit Screen Shield, you’ll be happy to know we’ve designed our shields to not leave any of that nasty residue that can be a huge headache to get off. 

If you’re on the market for purchasing a brand new iPad 4th Generation, the iPad mini or any other iPad, we hope you consider purchasing the iPad Perfect Fit Screen Shield with Perfect Fit Applicator. We look forward to hearing from you!

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