5 Reasons Why the Perfect Fit Screen Shield Rocks

We know there are hundreds of options when it comes to purchasing a screen protector for your smartphone.  We’re confident that the Perfect Fit Screen Shield with Perfect Fit Applicator will become your number one choice.  Why are we so sure you ask? Here are five reasons why we think The Perfect Fit Screen Shield rocks:

You Don’t Need to get Your Smartphone Wet

Some of our competitors sell screen protectors that require you to add small amounts of water to the screen of your smartphone.  Having water around your smartphone is always a risky move and that’s why Perfect Fit Technologies uses a full silicone adhesive coating that doesn’t require any water.  It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue if you decide to remove your screen shield.

Our Screen Shield is the Perfect Fit

You don’t need to worry about oddly shaped screen protectors when you purchase the Perfect Fit Screen Shield.  We have diligently designed our shields to perfectly fit your smartphone and they specifically cover the maximum amount of screen surface. Rest assured, there’s no need to bring out your scissors to cut or modify our screens. 

Please note that we design some screen protectors to be slightly smaller than the actual screen to avoid bubbles.

Our Shields are Bubble Free

One of the biggest complaints we hear about screen protectors are those pesky little bubbles that can pop up.  These bubbles can appear for a number of reasons including small amounts of debris on the screen, trapped air and smudges.  Here at Perfect Fit Technologies, we include the Perfect Fit Applicator with all screen shield purchases so there’s no need to worry about bubbles.  It’s also important to make sure your screen is clean when applying your screen shield. 

If you do happen to see a few bubbles on your screen, they can be easily removed with a smooth card or your thumb.  They will naturally dissipate within 48 hours as well.

Our Screen Protectors Don’t Move

There are some things in life that aren’t meant to move and screen protectors are definitely one of them. Some screen protectors move due to static electricity and lack of friction. We’ve worked hard to design a screen shield that is guaranteed not to move preserving the life of your smartphone’s screen.

No Sticky Residue

Nobody likes sticky residue, especially when you’re removing your screen protector from your smartphone.  Every single one of our smartphone screen shields (Ultra Clear and Anti-Glare) are designed not to leave that gross residue that can be a pain to get off. 

Unlike other screen protectors, the Perfect Fit Screen Shield with Perfect Fit Applicator has a number of useful features that will help keep your smartphone in tip top condition. These features include no need to use water when applying your screen protector, no need to cut the screen protector for the perfect fit, and no sticky residue when removing your screen protector. Additionally, our screen shields won’t move or get pesky bubbles that are hard to remove. 

We hope we’ve convinced you to consider the Perfect Fit Screen Shield with Perfect Fit Applicator to protect your smartphone’s screen. For more information, please visit our productspage

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