5 New Features of the iPhone 5’s Screen

iPhone 5So much more than before. And so much less, too. -Apple describing their latest iPhone, the iPhone 5

Today we’re taking a look at the shiny, new iPhone 5, the eagerly awaited device we’ve all been waiting for. Overall, the iPhone 5 is 18% faster, 20% lighter and has 12% less volume than it’s predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Because Perfect Fit Technologies specializes in smart phone screen protection, we decided to further investigate all the new features of the iPhone 5’s screen. Without further ado:

5 New Features of the iPhone 5’s Screen

1. The brand new iPhone 5 features a larger 4-inch display. This is a full half-inch more than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Even though the screen is much larger, the iPhone 5’s width is the same as the iPhone 4S so you don’t get an awkward, hard to use smartphone. Additionally, the iPhone 5 has the same side-to-side width as the iPhone 4S. The larger size allows you to see more when browsing the Internet and checking your email. You also get an extra row of apps, six rows, on your homescreen too!

2. The resolution of the iPhone’s 5 screen is 1136 x 640 which is 18% more than the iPhone 4S. Videos are crystal clear and extremely crisp.

3. The iPhone 5 comes fully equipped with the Retina Display that Apple is famous for. With 326 pixel density, you won’t see any pixelation with the human eye. The iPhone 4S also has a Retina display so this isn’t a big upgrade.

4. You’ll see 44 percent more color saturation on the brand new iPhone 5 display. This is great for gamers as videos will be much more vivid and lifelike. You can also watch widescreen HD video without and letterboxing.

5. If you happen to drop your iPhone 5 and get a scratched or broken screen, it’s been rumored that Apple will be able to fix it in-store rather than replacing the entire phone with a new or refurbished model. This would definitely save you time when it comes to iPhone repair.

Overall, the brand new iPhone is a huge hit among Apple fans. Apple has managed to improve an already fabulous product and make it faster, lighter and thinner. The iPhone 5’s screen has also undergone various upgrades including longer length, higher resolution, increased color saturation and much more.

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