Is a Screen Protector Necessary For My iPhone?

Is an iPhone Screen Protector such as the Perfect Fit Screen Shield really necessary for my iPhone? This is a question we regularly hear at Perfect Fit Technologies.  And the answer is yes.

Many people complain about iPhone Screen Protectors because of how annoying they are to install and the dust and dirt that can accumulate underneath them, not to mention those pesky bubbles that can pop up. We’re here to explain exactly why you need an iPhone Screen Protector and to boast a little about our Perfect Fit Screen Shield.

Why an iPhone Screen Protector is Absolutely Necessary

  1. The first reason you need an iPhone Screen Protector is to protect the oleophobic coating. The coating can wear off over time and applying a protective screen will preserve it. 
  2. An iPhone Protective screen will prevent your iPhone’s screen from getting nicks and scratches. This is especially important if you want to potentially sell your iPhone when a new one comes out (like the iPhone 5 this September!). It can also save you money when it comes to iPhone screen repair as that can cost hundreds of dollars while our Perfect Fit Screen Shield costs $19.95. Shine a light on your iPhone’s unprotected screen and you’ll start to see a high number of imperfections. 
  3. An iPhone Screen Protector is used to prevent the natural build-up of oil from our fingertips. Over time, these smudges become harder to wipe away.  A screen protector will help resolve this issue. The Perfect Fit Screen Shield is also smudge resistant so you won’t need to worry about this issue at all! 

We hope the above three reasons have convinced you why having an iPhone Screen Protector is absolutely necessary.  From protecting your iPhone’s oleophobic coating, avoiding finger print smudges and preserving your iPhone from nicks and scratches, an iPhone Screen Protector is a necessity.

Unlike other screen protectors, the Perfect Fit Screen Shield comes fully equipped with an easy to use applicator that will keep your stress levels down.  Our protectors are scratch resistant, bubble free and
anti-glare.  Contact us today and we’ll let you know exactly which Perfect Fit is right for your iPhone.


Matthew Skinner


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