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iPhone - We’ve got you covered!

The New GlassShield screen protector by PerfectFit is the coolest thing to come along since tinted windows for your car and has quickly become our best seller! You get the function of super tough, tempered glass protection for your screen with no loss of touch screen sensitivity, plus you get the style of a fully colored, fully translucent screen protector that dissipates as soon as your screen turns on.

iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S GlassShield Luxury Line in Translucent Colors Premium Glass Screen Protection

New for the iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S GlassShield Luxury Line: Premium Glass Screen Protections. Diamond - Clear, Champagne - Gold, Platinum - Gray, Titanium - Blue, Sapphire - Purple. When the iPhone screen is off you see it as a solid translucent color but when your screen is on the color dissipates and shows the iPhone screen perfectly with no lose of clarity!

Does the iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C need screen protection? Is a screen protector really necessary?

It's the never-ending debate: does the iPhone need protection or not? While most Apple fans like the sleek, slim design of the iPhone 5 without any embellishments, the thought of scratches, smudges and cracks make it worth adding extra protection. No one wants to look at a screen marred with scratches and fingerprints. Here are four of the top reasons why you absolutely need screen protection for you iPhone:

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